Companies at any given moment face many challenges on the road creation, growth, sustainability and sustainable profitability. Current market, as a dynamic and competitive environment makes these challenges even greater. Galactic Group (AAC Group) was founded and has succeeded in developing this market and aims to further this path of success in the future. To achieve this objective, the Galactic Group (AAC Group) will continue to realize business strategies and rely on competitive practices for adapting to the dynamic business market.

Our main business strategies are: Identifying the most attractive and appropriate markets for our companies' products and services. Effective selection and use of company human resources. Finding the right and energetic partners for long-term success. Effectively distributing investments to ensure autonomy and minimize the impact of current and future developments where we operate. A more effective organization of production and service processes and marketing aspects. Maintaining a solid economic situation of the group. Strategic market positioning that provides greater adaptation and flexibility in the event of changes in market conditions.