AAC sh.p.k

                         A.A.C (Albanian Art Of Construction) sh.pk was established on 08.Mar.2007, by Tirana Court Decision Nr. 37 687.


                        The scope of activity of the company is: Civil, industrial, road paving, sewerage, special works, plants, technology and assembly, restoration, wholesale and retail trade, import-export of construction materials, various machinery, equipment, real estate agencies, travel, services, etc.


                        The company has started its activity with the construction of residential apartments and service units, while continuing its activity with a continuous increase in quality and quantity. The Company cooperates with the Design Studio in Albania and abroad in designing the buildings and implementing the projects.


                        After 2009 the company has expanded its activity in the production and sale of road infrastructure materials: (asphalt-concrete, concrete, inert materials), achieving significant achievements.


                        In 2011 the company expanded its activity in the Immobiliary or Real Estate Market with the following cases ((intermediation in sale-purchase-lease-investment-management-valuation of properties / real estate etc.)) thus opening AAC Immobiliar Agency .