Galactic Group (AAC Group) is a company that manages capital and projects various component companies of the group operating in the fields different kinds of economy like construction, education, media, real estate, services etc. In this way the Galactic Group (AAC Group) since its creation is designed to be one of the most important exercise groups activity in the Albanian market for achieving high levels of achievement in every field we operate by providing services in contemporary settings and innovative. Developing projects from study to completion takes place important place in the Galactic Group (AAC Group). For services and projects Galactic Group (AAC Group) relies on human resources, financial, technological and implementation consultancy from the component companies of the group. The availability of a broad base of the most successful companies with market experience and coordination of available resources makes Galactic Group (AAC Group) confidently look to the future to be a leader in the fields where we operate in the Albanian economy.

Over the next few years the Galactic Group (AAC Group) will give it an advantage adoption of standards of ethics in business relations, investment for protecting the environment, investing in innovative development in areas where we are currently operating or in areas where we are thinking of expanding in the future. This strategy will also lay the foundation for Galactic's objectives and ethics Group (AAC Group) to ensure not only financial success but also for yourself turned into an important factor for positive development and preparation of Albanian market for integration into the global economy.